Leaders in Agape are students who serve the ministry and their fellow students; they personally incorporate the vision to be "a loving and engaging community that is growing in dependence on God and participation in His mission" into their own lives.

Would you like to be a leader with Agape?  If so, contact one of people listed below and start serving!

 Area  Contact  Email
 Serving at your College  Your college leader  See the 'Contact' page

 Women's Events  Kirby Kempe  kirbykempe@rice.edu
 Men's Events  Daniel McBride  daniel.e.mcbride@rice.edu
 Worship Team  Audrey Chao  audrey.e.chao@rice.edu
 Set-up/Takedown  Josh Yip  jjy4@rice.edu
 Socials  Justin Zahraee  justin.a.zahraee@rice.edu
 PowerPoint  Kirby Kempe  kirbykempe@rice.edu

Any other involvement questions?  Email Kurt Ritz: ritz@rice.edu .

Want to know all about all of the different groups and ways to serve within Agape?  Here's an exhaustive list!

“Wammy” team (WMM: stands for “Weekly Meeting Meeting”)
What these people do: plan and execute logistical details for the weekly Agape meeting, which happens Friday nights, 7pm. 

The details that need to be planned are: who is speaking and on what topic; tech (projector slides and sound) for the meeting; advertising via Facebook and otherwise; what the social will be after the meeting; what announcements need to be made at large group; what the emcees need to say and do to lead the meeting.

Roles on this team are:
Worship team leader
Socials team leader
Speaker Liason (communicates with speaker about his/her talk)

[A]men (Men’s ministry team)
What these people do: innovate and execute ideas to foster community, usually in the form of socials/events, among the men of Agape, as well as bringing new men into that community.

M29 (“Matthew 29” : the continuation of making disciples after Jesus’ command to do so in Matthew 28:18-20, also known as the Great Commission by Jesus)
What these people do: These are people who are walking with God and desire to lead others in their walks with God, too.  They have committed to be part of this leadership group, which meets Sundays 6-8pm over dinner.  During this time, they are trained in ministry, pray as a group and individually, experience community with one another, and discuss vision and strategy regarding how to reach every student on campus with the gospel.

Discipleship Groups
What these people do: Usually freshmen, these people meet once a week in groups of up to 4, in order to share about their walks with God, experience accountability and encouragement, study God’s Word, and get basic ministry training.  Ideally every freshman in Agape will be part of a discipleship group, in order to receive this basic training and build deeper relationships with other believers.

Discipleship Group Facilitators
What these people do: They, along with Teacher-Trainers, lead the discipleship groups.  The facilitator’s role is primarily that of a shepherd; he/she invests in the lives of the people in his/her group and seeks to encourage, love, and guide them.  Ideally he/she has contact with the members of the group every week, either one-on-one or as a group.

Discipleship Group Teacher-Trainers
What these people do: As the Facilitator shepherds the discipleship group, the Teacher-Trainer…teaches and trains them.  He/she comes bi-weekly to join the group, bringing the material that all discipleship groups on campus are studying.  This is how the group grows in biblical understanding/knowledge and ministry skills.  As he/she is often more experienced than the Facilitator, the Teacher-Trainer may also help the Facilitator troubleshoot any challenging issues regarding the group’s needs.

Sons of Thunder
What these people do: Set up and take down sound equipment for worship band at weekly meeting.

Worship Band
What these people do: Lead people in musical worship during the weekly meeting.

Socials Team
What these people do: Plan and execute the social that happens after every weekly meeting.

Weekly Meeting Greeters
What these people do: Welcome people at the door of the weekly meetings on Fridays.  Make people feel welcome, talk with anyone new, make the atmosphere hospitable.

Bible Study Leaders
What these people do: Lead a/the Bible study at their college.  There is a Bible study material that is available to all Bible study leaders to use, and it is taught by Agape staff to the Bible study leaders week by week.  The Bible study leaders often choose to use this material and attend the Leaders’ Bible study to be trained on how to teach their Bible study, but sometimes leaders choose to use other material. 

What these people do: A shepherd is a person who is committed to helping a defined group of people thrive in relationship with God. The group is most often be defined in terms of colleges but is not exclusive to that.