M29 Track Choice Form

M29ers: the time has come to finish the teaching tracks for the first part of this semester and start new ones for the second half of the semester.  Here are the potential options:
  • Apologetics / Hard Questions : Addresses some of the biggest objections to Christianity and hard questions we all face (e.g. inconsictencies in the Bible, why believe God exitsts, predestination, etc.)

  • Engaging your college : Same course as first half of semester, considers the nature of the kingdom of God, the culture of your college, and how the two intersect

  • Foundations : Same course as first half of semester, covers foundational concepts for the faith (e.g. inspiration/authenticity of scripture, religion vs. the gospel, prayer, Holy Spirit)

  • Leading a great Bible study : Practical training on leading a Bible study (e.g. creating a hospitble environment, how to prepare for a study, dealing with problems that come up)

  • Principles for leadership : Learning what it takes to be a God-honoring leader (e.g. what it means to be a servant leader, inspiring others for ministry)

  • Sharpening evangelism skills : Practical training on evangelism (e.g. how to start spiritual conversations, sharing your testimony, common questions people have)
Please fill in your name and top two choices you have for tracks the rest of this semester.  We'll offer between 1 and 3 tracks, based upon the responses.  Thanks!